I AM ZOMBIE – Virtual Tabletop


Make Believe Games are inviting you to participate in our open beta for the I Am Zombie Virtual Tabletop. So if you are a tech-savvy Toetag and like the idea of running online/streaming sessions of Axiom games, jump onto the Tox-net and visit:


The Virtual Table is a great tool for players and storytellers and works seamlessly with MBG’s Axiom system. It’s easy to use and offers gaming groups a wide range of play options – all from the comfort of your own lounge room or hospice.

To enter and create your first character, choose “new character”, type in any name under “character login” and hit “go”. Storytellers can open up a new gaming table using “new team” and invite players via “send team code”.

By participating in the I Am Zombie Virtual Tabletop beta you have the ability to help MBG cultivate new and exciting ways to enjoy the brain slurping, skag thumping grindhouse experience that is IAZ and help pave the way for our new and upcoming games.  Very shortly we will be offering the chance to give us your feedback about its options and your experience and what we can do to improve.

Please provide all feedback via out Contact Us page > http://www.makebelievegames.com/contact-us/