The Z-Patrol Both Protects Us… and Controls Us. They are our masters true, and know it, but there are horrors worse than them.

Mainly however, the Z-Patrol stands between us and BLEACH. They crack down on us so that BLEACH doesn’t come in and destroy everything. They are our Trustees in that sense. They exist because too many of us no longer care about the Breathers we used to be.
We mock the breathers for how little they suspect, how casually they ignore, how satisfied they are to live a lie. But our knowing is just as inconsequential, and our notions of the truth just as infinitely narrow. We see the cosmos only as we are constructed to see it, and as we are allowed to see it. In truth, we have but feeble ideas of its real nature. We pretend to comprehend the universe now, but we are just as provincial and absurd now as we were in the full of life.

It is a rare Toxic who clearly remembers the weird wonders that were opened to them from the wild fertile stories of their breather life. When as the living we listen and dream, we think but half-formed thoughts; when as Tox we try to remember, we are bitter and ruined with the poison of death.

We must love our breather neighbors with what is left of our breather hearts, or we will be consumed by the Scourge.

Half-life is torture far beyond the pain and squalor of life, and the more we come to know, the worse the anguish. From the dim stars that light our miserable existence, we get hints of daemoniacal truth which make our small sufferings a thousand times more unbearable.

Some of us can’t stand it anymore, and go crazy. Its at those times we all need, and yes love, the Z-Patrol…