Hey everyone, Happy Holidays!

First off, the good news is, you will be getting your I AM ZOMBIE stuff VERY soon.

In order to END this interminable process and get you your product by the holidays I elected to airship over the games either directly to you from China, or to our warehouses in the USA and Germany. Of course even after going to this drastic length certain nutty things happened (Europe has so many rules) but we have finally been able to surmount the issues and start shipping.

You should have long ago changed your address, but in case you did forget, please do it now. It might be possible to pull your package from the line and readdress it.. Please DO NOT be one of those people who force us to send a package 5 or more times: changing address now will still cost us, but not as much as resending it. Please double check to make sure your entire address is correctly written, this will save both you and us a lot of grief.

To be clear, all the product has been sent to shipment services in respective regions. United States, Canada and Europe fulfillment will start from Monday and US, Canada & EU backers should start receiving their games in the next 4-14 days. For the backers in other regions, all the packages have already been air shipped from China directly to you last week and you should expect packages to arrive within next 5-21 days, depending on your location.

If you are in US, Canada or Europe THIS saturday night (December 19) is absolute last deadline for any address changes. We will not be able to change your address after that.

We have updated everyone’s address who contacted us with address change request previously. We are working on TOXIC EARTH fervently, and it’s really coming along. The art above, by Mark Kelly, is from that book. The Toxic Earth KS will be coming sometimes in the first half of next year. Stay tuned! It will be completely written and edited by the time we start KS, and delivery should be much faster since we’ve worked out all the kinks in the rest of the chains and we have found reliable partners to help with fast and efficient delivery of the games to you.

XENOFACTOR, the second game in the series, is also well along in the dev and writing process, and will be done by Feb. We hope to have a KS for it as well, once its completely sorted.

Thanks for the support everyone. We are almost there!


Mark Rein•Hagen