World Building seminar at Lucca Comics & Games

Mark Rein-Hagen, guest of honor at Lucca Comics & Games, Lucca, Italy, from October 29 to November 1st, will hold a seminar on World Building, with the title “Xenocosm – Development of a new setting”.

“Creating a unique, coherent, flavorful world with core integrity for any work of fiction is a very diffucult job. So hard in fact, that a lot of creative people is not very good at it, and rely on tropes and conventions and plot devices to hide their lack of vision. However, a beautiful and engaging world is one of the most magical things you can provide an audience; it makes it so much easier for them to leave their own reality and enter another.

This seminar is not just going to teach you all my tricks for world building, we are actually going to create a small corner of my new SF world, Xenocosm, a 21 year world building exercise in which the Fermi Paradox is given a rather elaborate answer, and innumerable mysteries posed and then eventually answered.
You will be sent material ahead of time to familiarize yourself with aspects of the universe and then we will get straight to work”

If you plan being there, you can apply for the seminar here!