The war is inevitable — and let it come!


“The war is inevitable — and let it come!”

Today on the MBG website, we have just unveiled our Decipher the Code promotion! Four pieces of Culper code will be transmitted over the course of this Kickstarter campaign. Decrypt and discover the vital intelligence for your chance to win a copy of Revolutionaries, the I AM ZOMBIE Field Manual, and Vampire: The Masquerade (1st ed.), all signed by Mark Rein-Hagen (or with a personal message of your choice).

We have been receiving some wonderful feedback, thoughts, and encouragement over the past few days. There have been some interesting questions as well:

“Nathan, I was wondering if Revolutionaries can be played as either a stealth/spycraft or action/militia style game?”

While our setting focuses heavily upon the Culper Spy Ring, the game provides you the tools to run any type of game you want. If a band of ragtag militia volunteers is your thing, we have you covered. Perhaps smuggling in Rhode Island may be more to your liking. This game can do it.

“Will you be bringing Revolutionaries demos to GenCon this year?”

In a word, yes. As of now, we have two nearly sold-out Revolutionaries events. If you have missed tickets, fear not, the team will be running scheduled demos in the Exhibit Hall.

If you have any burning questions, feel free to drop us a line:

This week, we will be hearing from the various team members behind Revolutionaries and examining some of those stretch goals we have been talking about. Don’t forget to head over to the official Revolutionaries Facebook group to meet with the design team and provide feedback:

Thank you for your continued support, and a big welcome to all our new backers. We’re all looking forward to hitting that 200-backer milestone!

— Nathan for MBG