The flame is kindled

“The flame is kindled.”

200 backers! The entire MBG team has been overwhelmed by the rising support you have shown for Revolutionaries. Thanks to you all, we have now reached our backer milestone and I am pleased to announce all physical reward tiers will receive a print copy of Book IV: The Culper Codex!

Furthermore, the continental poster map (approximately 21″x18″ and printed on quality paper) previewed in the last update has now been unlocked as an optional add-on for your Revolutionaries sets, and at a cost of only $10!


Join us on the MBG Facebook page to see our daily spotlights on the hardworking members of the Rev team. Over the week, we have also been featuring some amazing shout-outs from a number of websites, podcasts, and media outlets. We have been blown away by the great things people are saying. If you or a site or podcast you follow features Revolutionaries, then please let us know so we can share it across our network.

At the time of this writing, we are surging and fast approaching our funding goal. Please keep spreading the word! Stay tuned for some more exciting campaign news, coming soon from the MBG team this week, and remember to keep your eyes peeled over the weekend for the next piece of our Decipher the Code promotion.

Long live the revolution.

— Nathan for MBG