Strike while the iron is hot

“And we now find that it is not only right to strike while the iron is hot, but that it may be very practicable to heat it by continually striking.”

We are getting closer and closer to our funding goal! Good work everyone. Not far to go now.

Today we have two exciting pieces of news for the campaign. First, all Revolutionaries reward tiers will now receive a complete e-book set of skirmish rules adapted from John Senner’s Brigandine. Bring some of the greatest campaigns of the war to your tabletop. Work behind the scenes to undermine the enemy and then take command of your forces to rain justice upon the servants of tyranny.

Also, at the conclusion of the campaign our friends at Eureka Miniatures have generously offered free shipping to our backers on their War of Independence ranges. These crisp miniatures will be the perfect addition to any Revolutionaries game!


Keep spreading the word to your friends, fellow gamers, and family. In our Revolutionaries Facebook group this week, we will be offering a fantastic reward for all of our midnight riders who shout “the British are coming!” 106 5 309

You can join the revolution here:

— Nathan for MBG