We shall not fight our battles alone


“We shall not fight our battles alone.”

After our first full day, we have hit 100 backers for Revolutionaries and are progressing steadily towards our funding target. Great work, everybody!

This means we are also half-way towards our 200-backer bonus unlock! Thank you to everyone for saddling up their horses and taking their midnight rides to help spread the word.

We look forward to adding some really great expansions to the Revolutionaries boxed set. One of my personal favorite upcoming stretch goals is a beautiful colonial poster map of America. With your help, that has the potential to be upgraded to a luxurious cloth map!

We are blessed to have some amazing and talented guest writers and artists involved in this campaign. Our Culper Mission expansions, for example, are shaping up to be great. The first two will be written by award-winning designers Owen K.C. Stephens and Matt Forbeck! And we’re also pleased to announce that we have the dazzling cartography skills of Alyssa Faden lined up for a campaign city map, should funding take us there.

And that is just a taste of the exciting things we have in store for this campaign!

Nathan for MBG