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Revolutionaries RPG Now Live on Kickstarter!

Travel back in time to an age of high-stakes diplomacy and perilous revolution in this roleplaying game of colonial struggle for American independence. Experience first-hand the gripping drama of the politics and the grim realities of the war, and not only meet the founding heroes who helped a nation break free, but become one yourself!

In this storytelling game you make history come alive by bearing witness to the events that gave birth to a mighty nation. But before it was history, it was news. Tell your own story within the sweeping saga of the “shot heard around the world” and do something few games have allowed before: to make the difference and change the course of history.

A front-row view of the revolution that changed the history of the world, Revolutionaries is the game every history buff needs to have in their collection.

We have some exciting things planned for this campaign and some amazing stretch goals ahead, including a gorgeous map and the first of our Culper Mission expansions, written by the talented  Owen KC Stephens (Pathfinder, D&D, Star Wars, The Wheel of Time, Starfinder).

We hope you will join us on the battlefield and take a stand against tyranny. Stay tuned for more exciting Revolutionaries news, including an upcoming competition where you could win a signed copy of Revolutionaries, I AM ZOMBIE, and the classic first edition Vampire: The Masquerade, all signed by Mark Rein-Hagen!

Project Kickstarter Link