New “Join the Revolution” Promotion!

Can you ride like Paul Revere and spread the word that the British are coming? MBG invites you to participate in our Join the Revolution campaign!

If you can help rally at least two (2) other loyal patriots to the cause, and get them to back our Revolutionaries Kickstarter campaign, we will add a bonus reward to your pledge!

Between now and the end of the campaign, if you bring two new recruits to the cause of pledging for a print copy of Revolutionaries, you will earn for yourself a free copy of the Democracy board game (see image)!


The British are coming! Will you answer the call to ride for the revolution?

Social Media Tip: If you’re spreading word through social media, it’s as easy as making sure your friends/followers let you know that you’re the reason they decided to back our campaign!

After the close of the campaign, just contact us at to sort out verification of your Join the Revolution recruits.

This promotion runs from now through the end of the Kickstarter campaign (August 1st, 2017).