We must, indeed, all hang together…

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately”

With the shadow of tyranny looming overhead, knowing that we stand united in the pursuit of liberty and justice is comforting. The war continues and this week our forces have been bolstered by a number of new allies. We have also seen some fantastic coverage of Revolutionaries on a number of news sites and podcasts. Thank you for spreading the word. We have nearly reached our Culper Codex unlock!

In addition, once we pass the 200 backer mark we are unlocking a continental poster map as an Add-on for the campaign. Approximately 21″x18″ in size, this map is the perfect addition to your Revolutionaries box sets and will only cost $10!

There have been some new questions this week via email and KS messenger:

“Just wanted to know if we can use Revolutionaries for our I Am Zombie campaign?”

Absolutely! All of our Axiom games are interchangeable. If Zombies are your thing, then I AM ZOMBIE and TOXICITY could certainly lead to some interesting developments in the war. Both are available in select reward tiers and as Add-ons.

“I’m a big fan of Owen K.C. Stephens & Matt Forbeck. What can you tell me about the Culper Missions?”

So am I! They are both amazing designers and we are very lucky to have them as stretch-goal writers for this campaign. The Culper Mission expansions each feature an operation vital to the patriot cause and contain new setting material, and secrets. Matt and Owen have some great plots up their sleeves, however Headquarters may have my head if I let anything slip.

“Can I play a loyalist?”

You certainly can! You can play a group of loyalists, British Regulars or even a mixed group of patriots and Tories. The possibilities are endless. Should we manage to reach our King & Country stretch-goal, we will include an entire British campaign!  
That’s it for this update everyone. Remember, we welcome any and all thoughts and questions you may have. You can email the Rev team directly at: joinordie@makebelievegames.com

Don’t forget our Decipher the code promotion for backers is now underway. You can find details here: http://www.makebelievegames.com/decipher-the-code/

Your support so far has been fantastic. Let’s keep the momentum rolling over the weekend and rally more patriots to the cause!

— Nathan for MBG