Make Believe


Here’s to the dreamers. The artists. The performers. The fools. The gamers who make-up the stories instead of just watching them being told.
They see life differently. They’re fond of rules, but they have no respect for just sitting there and paying attention. You can humor them, scorn them, wonder at or avoid them.
About the only thing you can’t do is escape their influence. Because they create the culture of ideas in which we all live. They imagine. They pretend. They create. They reveal. They wonder. They invent themselves as well as the characters and stories which define us all.
How else can you stare at an screen and know where you want to go next. Or make a lasting treaty with someone on the other side of the world. Or sit at a table and not only imagine you are someone else, but pretend to be them.
We make games for these kinds of people.
And while some may see them as ‘just gamers’, we see explorers and creators of myth. Because the people who are foolish enough to think they can just… make it all up, are the ones who do.


“If you’re going to dream, dream big,
because your reality is defined by the size of your imagination.”
— Mark Rein•Hagen

Our mission is to make social games that are highly entertaining, yet still reveal a process or system normally hidden from view … allowing for the fun of Role-Playing and adventure, while promoting the thrill of strategy. Play Is Serious Fun.