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Make Believe Games, the new venture by Mark Rein•Hagen, world-renowned creator of Vampire: The Masquerade and the World of Darkness, is partnering with Ulisses Medien & Spiel Distribution GmbH, out of Waldems, Germany.

Ulisses Spiele, Germany´s leading company for RPGs like Das Schwarze Auge and translators of Pathfinder and Battletech, acquired the rights to translate and localize future I Am Zombie products throughout Germany. This is the second partnership announcement within a week, after Lynx Games aquired the license to translate the game for Poland.

Commenting on their partnership, Mark Rein•Hagen said, “I am completely delighted to be working with Ulisses, as I have know them personally and professionally for many years. They are one of the most reliable and top quality publishers in the business and have done amazing work with the 20th Anniversary edition of my beloved Vampire. I look forward to repeating our same success with Make Believe Games and I Am Zombie in Germany. I am excited about getting the German perspective on a Toxic Earth.”

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Markus Plötz, owner of Ulisses Spiele added, “Working with Mark is a dream coming true for me. I love his work, his style and his creative genius. I Am Zombie is an awesome game that you enjoy on more than one level, as even only flipping through the Field Manual is mind blowing! The gamers in Germany are bound to see a lot of very cool books in the near future! We are also able to develop original German material. How cool is that?!”

This exciting new partnership kicks off starting this week, and a crowdfunding campaign for the
German translation will launch later this year.