Make Believe Games is actively seeking freelance artists, editors, and writers to work on our products! We are also seeking an experienced roleplayer with some writing or editing experience as a paid intern in our Tbilisi office, in Georgia (the other Georgia).


If you are a talented, professional illustrator, please contact us if you’d like to create artwork for our games. We commission full-color, fantastic artwork across a variety of styles and genres. Interested illustrators should email us at with an introduction and a link to an online portfolio.

Graphic Designers

If you are a creative graphic designer with mastery of Adobe Creative Suite, contact us to contribute to game products in development. Interested graphic designers should email an introduction and a link to an online portfolio to


If you are a creative person with a powerful imagination and solid writing skills, contact us to join one of our private online game development groups and become an official writer for a Make Believe Games project, such as I AM ZOMBIE, XENOFACTOR, or one of the very exciting projects we are not yet free to discuss publicly. Send a short (no more than 2 pages, please) writing sample to

Technical Editors

If you are a skilled technical editor, preferably with a knowledge of the rules and IPs of the products that MBG publishes, contact us to become part of our team. Technical editors are rules savvy: analytical skills for understanding how the game’s systems interact and identifying rule ambiguities are essential. Familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style is a plus. Interested and qualified technical editors should email their resume to


If you are a detail-oriented proofreader with a strong grasp of the English language and a good working knowledge of the games and IPs that MBG publishes, you can contact us. Familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style is a plus, as is knowledge of design principles for layout and copyfitting. Qualified proofreaders should email their resume to