The world is poised at the brink of an abyss. The final outbreak is coming. You are outcast & leper… and highly contagious.

Enter the Toxic world of I AM ZOMBIE — a dramatic new kind of storytelling RPG for 2+ players.

With a sleek and streamlined Axiom ruleset, simple character creation (“Just Pick Five Cards”) and board-game style play, I Am Zombie is one of the most innovative, yet effortless to learn-n-play, RPGs ever: start playing in minutes, learn as you go. ID Cards, Brainz Dice and Bump Chips help to make telling thrilling stories with visceral impact a blast!

Half Dead – Still Alive

I AM ZOMBIE, the first game in the Xenocosm line is a game of survival in the aftermath of a Zombie Outbreak and the Quarantine that follows. But this is not your typical Zombie game because you BECOME the Zombie. Once you enter the mysterious Toxic world of half-dead lucid Zombies, everything you thought you knew is turned on its head.

I Am Zombie Field Manual — hardback, 288 pages; zombie survival guide and world book. A book for all the clueless Toetags out there who are struggling—as we did—to survive that desperate first year of half-life. It includes:
• Briefing materials on strains, cartels, and rackets (the type of characters available to play), plus the secret history of the Plagueborn.
• A global overview of the world and its transit routes, hospices, and Hellholes, with eight (8) pages of maps (everything from Detroit to Dubai).
• Detailed information on electronic surveillance and quarantines.
• Advice on how to get off—and stay off—the grid.
• A comprehensive chapter on human threats, focusing on BLEACH protocols, equipment, and techniques.
• Explicit information on the effects of serums and drugs, from Strontium 90 to Brainz.

The Field Manual PDF is already available to purchase from DriveThruRPG.com

I Am Zombie Playkit — packed with all the gear and tools you need—scores of ID Cards, Brainz Dice, and Bump Chips— to tell thrilling stories with visceral impact in the secret world of the Toxic! Includes:
• 32-page Axiom System book (Axiom Null), detailing character creation, dice rolling, mooks and bosses, and everything else you’ll need to play the game (includes both tabletop and LARP rules).
• A complete collectors set of eight (8) large (14mm) custom, high-impact “BRAINZ DICE.”
Two decks (108 cards total) of full color, double-sided (‘Warm’ vs.’Cold’) ID CARDS to create your characters. “Just Pick Five Cards™.”
• A super-deluxe, hardback, embossed CHARACTER JOURNAL, which includes two card pockets, character stat pages, chronicle charts, and a complete lexicon!
• 48 poker chip-sized BUMP CHIPS to add a whole new dimension to roleplaying. Not just used as Chaw and Brainz tokens, they also let players add twists to a story!


Quotes From Reviewers & Playtesters

“The art fits the writing so well. I feel like I’m tiptoeing through some neurotic garden of rust; a filthy, scratched out, marmalade of bloated and diseased flesh. I love it. Flay my god-damn mind, I want this book… which showcases the dangers of being cat-fished by nightmares digitized in grafted skin.”
Kodeir Ralford

“Mark has done it again! I Am Zombie revolutionizes zombies! It will infect a new generation of gamers and addict them to rotting flesh and brains.”
Lissa M.H. Oliver

“I Am Zombie is a great balance of luck and strategy, all at a breakneck speed… a lot like I imagine a zombie apocalypse.”
Robert Cooper

“I’m used to playing games that I kill as many zombies as I can and I used to love it, well now I wanna be one them. Ain’t it funny how life can change?”
Jessica Rodrigues Teixeira

“I felt like becoming a zombie was the best way to survive in the game and I enjoyed every single moment of that transformation.”
Eduardo Silva

“I’ve felt like I was in a zombie movie in which I had to decide the best way to survive, or to rule the world.”
Daniel Abreu

“I Am Zombie is the future of tabletop gaming, not just because it is a new system, but because it is so versatile. It will soothe the cravings of both seasoned and novice gamers alike.”
Gülin Yolaç

“Minutes into it you’ll feel that old magic buzz: the thrill of standing before a mountain of lego blocks begging to be stacked, the itch to create the coolest deck. The art of combining cards, not only into a deck, but into stacks during game play, is a matter of constant fine-tuning. Game play is fast, balanced like a knife, almost elegant – new strategies reveal themselves at every turn. When you customize your “deck” you’re not only creating the perfect deck, but a character as well. So don’t be surprised if character creation that should take just minutes… takes hours. “
Ben Green, Playtester


I AM ZOMBIE Character Sheet
I AM ZOMBIE Axiom Null
I AM ZOMBIE Prologue – Spread View
I AM ZOMBIE ID Cards Deck 1 – Human