I AM ZOMBIE Virtual Tabletop available

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The ‪I AM ZOMBIE Virtual Tabletop is now open for use. The VT allows you to play the game without physical cards either online via your preferred video/audio chatting platforms or at a table with players using your iPad/Tablet. You still need to know the rules of play so the Axiom Null Instruction Manual can be downloaded for free from our website (linked below).

It is browser based and designed to be used on PC, Tablet and even smartphone (not ideal but works).

This is not the final version but more of a live test so if there are any errors or issues then feel free to provide feedback below. The link is a temp host and will migrate to our own site once testing is complete.

Some Narrator functionality has still to be implemented (most of the options in the Manage Group section of the Narrator login) but this will be sorted out in due course.

Anyhow, have a play around and let us know if any issues.

Direct link > http://www.beeldenexpo.nl/iaz/iazlogin.php

Rerouted link also on our main site > http://www.makebelievegames.com/
Axiom Download > http://www.makebelievegames.com/downloads/

Some pointers >

1 – Narrators use the New Team to create a table.
2 – Once a table is created, Narrators can hand out group codes to players.
3 – Players can create characters at any time and can join a table once they have a Group Code from a Narrator.
4 – The LOGIN button is used for both Narrator and Player to login. Narrator uses it to access his table (after creating via NEW TEAM button) and player uses to access their Character.

Happy Gaming!