I AM ZOMBIE – Tabletop Simulator

For many years I’ve been looking for a way to play boardgames with my friends online via some kind of virtual tabletop.  There have been apps and hacks here and there that allowed us to play certain games in a very limited way but nothing that allowed us to sit down, pull a game from the shelf and get playing. That was until I started using Tabletop Simulator.

If you are not aware of Tabletop Simulator then let me explain a little.  It’s a virtual tabletop available via Steam that allows people to play tabletop games at a virtual table.  From Chess to Warhammer and everything in between.  It has dice, chips, counters, tokens, cards, boards, minis and countless other bits and bobs.  You can create and play your own games or download numerous games created and uploaded by the Steam community.  I spent the weekend using it with friends across Europe and the experience was great.  Although nothing beats sitting at a real table with your buddies, this was a great alternative.

With this in mind I realised it would be great to have I AM ZOMBIE on there and free for people to play. I’ve put together the assets for the game and will be uploading them soon.

Stay tuned for more info!


IAZ Tabletop Simulator mod

Steam link