I AM ZOMBIE at MonsterCon 2015!

Hi, everyone!

I’m C.A. Suleiman, Creative Director for Make Believe Games and Mark’s fellow White Wolf alumnus, and I recently got the opportunity to demo I AM ZOMBIE for folks down at MonsterCon, a fun fandom convention in the Carolinas.

As you can see from the pictures, much fun was had by all (including by me, I’m happy to report), and those Carolina gamers really seemed to take to the card-based roleplaying that lies at the center of the Axiom System. Most of them were familiar with Mark’s earlier RPGs, of course, and seemed jazzed to see what he would do with the notion of the sentient zombie as a character.

Once the players got a handle on how the basic mechanic works (“Wait… there’s no character sheet?”), the game really started to motor, and by the end of the demo, they were so eager to keep playing that they asked if they could keep their character cards.

Trooper that I am, of course I said, “yes.” (And once I told them that the basic rules were free, they got even more excited, haha.)

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a quick shout-out to Pete and Shane and the rest of the gang for having me over. It was fun, and even though it was hotter than Salma Hayek dancing on a waffle iron, I’d totally do it again.

Until next time!

C.A. Suleiman, Creative Director