German I AM ZOMBIE Crowdfunding LAUNCHED!



Germany, we need your help!

Today, our partner Ulisses Spiele launched their crowdfunding campaign for the German translation of I AM ZOMBIE.
Running from October 19th to November 15th 2016, the campaign aims for a goal of (only) 5000 Euro, which would make the German translation of the Field Manual (designed by our amazing artist Mark Kelly), the Play Kit including the Axiom rules, special dice, bump chips and 108 ID cards happen.

Pledge levels start at 40 Euro and feature the PDF version, printed version, online gaming session(s) with Mark Rein Hagen, a city tour with Rein Hagen during the Heinzcon convention in November and a photo of you as a character inside the “Toxic Germany” sourcebook.

Stretch goals include bookmarks, posters and an expanded and printed German sourcebook titled “Toxic Germany” unlocked at 8000 Euro.

Addons include shirts, extra dice and extra decks of ID cards.

You can check out all the details about the campaign and the features here:

Let´s make it happen! Help Ulisses/us spread the virus in Germany!