Decipher the Code!


Decipher the Code!

Culper operatives out of New York have intercepted plans for an imminent British attack against patriot forces. Using our secret cypher, this vital intelligence will be dispatched hidden within other communications (future backer updates). It is up to YOU to decipher the messages and provide 711 with the accurate intelligence to intercept this attack.

Head Quarters needs to know WHO is leading the attack, the ENEMY STRENGTH, WHERE, and WHEN the attack is to take place.

The first operative to successfully provide these four key details to headquarters (via email to will be greatly rewarded for their efforts!

The winning operative shall receive a copy of Revolutionaries, the I AM ZOMBIE Field Manual, and Vampire: The Masquerade (1st edition)… all signed by Mark Rein-Hagen!

This promotion is open to all backers of the Revolutionaries Kickstarter. Stay tuned to the updates for more information and for the vital pieces of the code. Good luck!

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