Bimonthly Update: January 18, 2016

Hello guys, and happy new year to everyone from Make Believe Games!

We want to start 2016 with some good news, and so starting from now and moving forward, on a bimonthly basis we are going to publish an update on what we have been up to  in the previous weeks, and the status of our current projects. This is because you are our stakeholders and a core part of our team, so we want you as involved and as informed as possible.

So to start things out, we want to give you all a final update on the IAZ Kickstarter:

EVERYTHING HAS FINALLY BEEN SHIPPED, this included ALL European backers stuff, who for a series of unfortunate events remained the final group to ship out. We went to extreme efforts to get every backer their product at the same time, but it just didn’t work out.

So, if you haven’t already gotten your product, you soon will. If you don’t see it in a week, contact us immediately.

If you did get your product, please join the trend of posting a picture of the product in your social media with the hashtag #InfectedIn then the name of your home town/region. You might have already seen these pictures on our I AM ZOMBIE and MAKE BELIEVE GAMES pages, but would love to see them everywhere! After all the game is going on sale SOON!

So finally the whole world is being infected, and we want to thank you all for the great support we had, since early development and the huge brainstormings done in our IAZ Deacon Council Facebook group (some of which saw dozens and dozens of people share ideas), to the support received when we had our (unfortunately many) delays in printing and shipment.

Its really great how many of you have stuck with us, through this whole figuring out of an entirely new game system and world, from the games first inception to now, both in and out of the IAZ Deacon Council group. THANK YOU!

We are very proud to see how hottly IAZ is awaited, and we look forward to see YOUR pictures at the gaming table, and while you are at it, give us a glance of your character’s Mindsets! Also any reviews, quotes or unboxing videos are very much welcome. Share them on our pages and on your walls and feeds! Help us spread the infection, and have people know IAZ and get infected as well, so that our future projects can be even more successful! 

Speaking of which, we are working hard to deliver you new, awesome games and supplements soon:

TOXIC EARTH, the first IAZ Supplement, is well on its way; as you may have noticed from our pages, we are completing the ID cards, and the assigned development team is fully committed in writing this book to make a more detailed Toxic setting available to all of you, to be able to play in the places you prefer.

Here is a small selection of the ID cards already made, in all their awesomeness, courtesy of our art director Mark Kelly:




XENOFACTOR, the second game in line, is also being developed; We have a number of different teams working on its many parts, and expect to complete the final draft well before the launch of its KS, to be able to show our backers what they are supporting and what the game is going to be, since it’s meant to be something completely new, and very different from IAZ. We have, by the way, a very firm grasp on how we want it to appear and be, and this image is perfect to show this awesome neon vibe we want it to have:




And concerning our current products, we are happy to announce we will soon launch a GIVEAWAY through our Facebook pages, so keep an eye out for that!

…and for those who paid more attention and might have noticed some strange posts on our feeds recently, yes, we are working on something new.

We might have a couple new projects in our sleeves, projects we’ve never spoken of, and we won’t be disclosing them all now or we’d have to sacrifice you all to some Outer God. But keep your eyes peeled and follow us, and you might end knowing more quite soon. The only thing we can say at this point, is we made a BIG discovery in our warehouses, and are working hard to give you all back something old, hailing from the 70’s, and the Kickstarter is going to be launched somewhere close to February 29, 2016. Stay tuned!



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