Bimonthly Update: February 1st, 2016

Here we are again, for our bimonthly update. These have been two crazy weeks at MBG, we are working on a lot of new stuff:

We are planning our convention attendance for 2016, the list will be announced on our channels as soon as it’s confirmed; so please, stay tuned if you wish to meet us personally, and play demos of our new products, at your closest convention! We plan to attend a lot!

We are also working on our new marketing campaign, which covers traditional advertising and videos and events that will let YOU all participate and become part of the promo campaign! We can share a small sneak peek of things to come, , courtesy of our video editor extraordinaire, Toby Hagen, and lead artist Mark Kelly:

The project we hinted about two weeks ago is progressing steadfastly; we are bringing it back in its full splendor, masterfully resurrecting the long lost pages and art that would otherwise be lost to the passage of time. The final product will be mindblowing, It will bring you back to that lost age where role-playing games were still new and raw! Playtesting the new additions to Axiom rule system is going smoothly, we had so much progress that the Kickstarter could launch sooner than the previously announced February 29. More updates on this will be coming in the next two weeks.



Moving from projects to logistics issues, we are aware of the fact a number of european backers (around a dozen) have not received their copy of the Field Manual. If this is the case for you, we urge you to get back to us at our email address, or as a PM on our Facebook pages. This way we can address your problems faster. Comments on groups and pages could result in delayed response.

We also wish to thank you for the HUGE number of submissions we are receiving from artists and writers (like, dozens and dozens). You really are a legion, we didn’t expect so many of you to propose so fast. So please, bear patience, we are checking all your submissions, and if you haven’t received response yet, you will soon; we are working hard on everything necessary to give you the best, and funniest, games possible!

Speaking of which… we’ll have an announcement for you next monday, so keep an eye on our channels,  you’ll be happy you did!