BackerKit and Pre-Orders

Greetings, patriots. The MBG team has returned from GenCon and are now back to work. It was a wonderful con and we have some exciting new things in the pipeline. It was also great to meet those of you who stopped by the booth for a chat and to show your support!

We ran some demos of Revolutionaries during the convention, and pleased at the glowing feedback we received from those gamers who took up arms against tyranny with us.

As you all should have seen by now, we have launched the Revolutionaries BackerKit. You have until the 1st of October, 2017, to fill out your survey to get your rewards. Thanks to everyone who has already responded.

This also means that Revolutionaries is now available to pre-order for those who may have missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. So please do spread the word and rally more patriots to the cause, if you can.

You also have the choice to select some exceptional add-ons for your orders. These include our limited edition Narrator’s Screen, continental poster map, more dice, even more cards, and MBG’s I Am Zombie (in two fantastic flavors: original or Toxicity!).

Before I finish this update, I wanted to thank everyone for their emails about the Decipher the Code promotion we had. The entire MBG team is happy so many of you enjoyed this little game and we may decide to do another such promotion down the line. For those who have asked, the crypto-message decoded as follows:


Look for more Revolutionaries information and revelations over the weeks to come!

— Nathan for MBG