Chasing, Killing, Eating. Who says Romance is dead?


The long lost first edition!

Old School Baby!

Years ago at the dawn of the roleplaying game industry, an RPG was written that was not a fantasy game, it was set in the “present day”, the infamous 1975. It was about a secret world of intelligent Zombies who lived beneath our biggest metropolises in a world called the “UnderCity”. However, sinister forces both inside and outside the game industry conspired together to suppress the game, and burn all the copies, and thus it was completely lost to the world. Until now.



It all began with these infamous lines:

“The world is poised at the brink of an abyss. The final outbreak is coming.

You are outcast and leper… and highly contagious.”

Finally, at long last, you can buy your own reproduction of the ORIGINAL game. Reprinted from the ORIGINAL masters only recently discovered in a warehouse in Lake Geneva Wisconsin!

I AM ZOMBIE will shock, disturb, and provoke. It places in perspective both modern world events and where we find ourselves today: at the brink of disaster and the end of history — what some call the countdown to the Final Outbreak.

This book is not written for firebrands and revolutionaries. They don’t need an education; they already know it all. This book is not written for breathers, either. You don’t believe in us! This book is written for all the clueless Toetags out there who are struggling — just as we did once — to survive that desperate first year of half-life.

Don’t Believe the Hype – Your “World” Ain’t Real!




  • This is a dungeon exploration game, reimagined: you get to re-experience the joy of “discovery” and have a chance to figure the game out, all over again… It’s not just a nostalgia rehash, it’s a whole new way to run a Dungeon Adventure. All new monsters and traps to inspire new tactical approaches, get you out of practiced routine while remaining faithful to the old, good feeling of earlier dungeon delving. A whole new setting and lore to explore. Its old, but its new.
  • This is a simpler game experience, it’s old school gaming, stripped down, no color, less reading. It’s just a great way to test out a new game cheaply. Get to be a kid again before you knew all the tricks and the ins and outs.
  • I AM ZOMBIE is a game of survival in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak and exile in the Under city that follows. But this is not your typical zombie game, because you BECOME the zombie. Once you enter the mysterious, Toxic world of half-dead lucid zombies, everything you thought you knew is turned on its head.
  • These original Axioms rules are fully compatible with modern Axiom cards, the ones included in the I Am Zombie Play Kit. Axioms from both systems can be used together, mixed and matched. You can use the monsters and the rules for making the undercity, or populating the hellholes below it, in your modern day chronicle as well. You can combine both systems together with ease. You can use the monsters, the rules for making the undercity and populating the hellholes for your modern day chronicle.
  • This not only a stand along game, it’s a supplement for I AM ZOMBIE present day edition as well. Get a whole lot more information on the Undercity, Hellholes and fighting Fiendz!
  • Sale price is only $25, and it gives you three 32 page booklets, 50 ID Cards (cut out yourself) and a combination folder and Narrator Screen. Everything you need to play at an OLD SCHOOL PRICE!
  • Fast delivery.  All PDFs will be sent to you directly after the Kickstarter finishes.  No waiting.  No fuss.  Printing is in the USA, all physical copies will be mailed out a few weeks later.



Book One –  Players Axioms: Toetags and Toxic

The book of Core rules for making characters, rolling dice and determining results. Combat, healing, skills, and the incredible powers of the VECTORS. Whatever you need to know to run a character, you will find described here.

Book Two – Narrator Axioms: Skags & Shamblers

Details on all the Fiendz, villains and antagonists you need in your campaign, from the Overcity to the Undercity to the deepest Hellholes. As well as Treasures, Rewards and harvesting Ichor. From Scabs to Skeet, Rashi to Utukku, this has all you need to know to set up fantastic fights with the bad guys.

Book Three – World Book: Undercity & Hellholes

Hidden beneath the breather metropolis’s are vast Undercities, carved out by slaving skags, where the Toxics rule. Deeper still are the infernal Hellholes, where all manner of foulness, evil and monstrosity lives.This is the book to find juicy details about mean streets above, the vast realm of the undercity and the unimaginable horrors of the Hellholes, a realm where Toxic are not truly welcome, but which they must learn to navigate well, if they are to make a living within the multitude realms below.






“The art fits the writing so well. I feel like I’m tiptoeing through some neurotic garden of rust; a filthy, scratched out, marmalade of bloated and diseased flesh. I love it. Flay my god-damn mind, I want this book… which showcases the dangers of being cat-fished by nightmares digitized in grafted skin.”

– Kodeir Ralford

“Mark has done it again! I Am Zombie revolutionizes zombies! It will infect a new generation of gamers and addict them to rotting flesh and brains.”

– Lissa M.H. Oliver

I Am Zombie is a great balance of luck and strategy, all at a breakneck speed… a lot like I imagine a zombie apocalypse.”

– Robert Cooper

“I’m used to playing games that I kill as many zombies as I can and I used to love it, well now I wanna be one them. Ain’t it funny how life can change?”

– Jessica Rodrigues Teixeira

“I felt like becoming a zombie was the best way to survive in the game and I enjoyed every single moment of that transformation.”

– Eduardo Silva

“I’ve felt like I was in a zombie movie in which I had to decide the best way to survive, or to rule the world.”

– Daniel Abreu

I Am Zombie is the future of tabletop gaming, not just because it is a new system, but because it is so versatile. It will soothe the cravings of both seasoned and novice gamers alike.”

– Gülin Yolaç

“Minutes into it you’ll feel that old magic buzz: the thrill of standing before a mountain of lego blocks begging to be stacked, the itch to create the coolest deck. The art of combining cards, not only into a deck, but into stacks during game play, is a matter of constant fine-tuning. Game play is fast, balanced like a knife, almost elegant – new strategies reveal themselves at every turn. When you customize your “deck” you’re not only creating the perfect deck, but a character as well. So don’t be surprised if character creation that should take just minutes… takes hours.“

—  Ben Green